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The Mega Menu Open


The Project

Following on from the Product page, the business wanted to build an engaging way for users to navigate the game pages. I was therefore tasked to design this new navigation system.

The Challenges

Like the product page, the style of the site had already been established, so although I had the freedom to innovate, it still had to fit current style. The main challenge was to build something that was engaging but also functioned as a menu and allowed the user to navigate the site without adding too many steps.

Skills used

As with all of my design work, the main tool that I used to do the design was Sketch. I use Sketch because it is vector based and designed to be the tool for web and app development. This allows me to quickly transfer my basic ideas to the screen, then polish and experiment easily. This allows for a very iterative way of working. I also use Photoshop as Sketch doesn’t have a huge range of image manipulation, so when customising and touching game assets I rely on Photoshop.


When building this I looked at a number of menu types. I settled on the mega menu style as this allowed for navigation, but at the same time allow the menu items to be more engaging.

I decided that as each game has a central character I would use that as the main focus. Along with the logo and small strapline, this allowed each menu items to be a small billboard advertising the game.

To make the menu a little more usable and easier to navigate I created in affect a second menu that showed just the game menu. This allowed people visiting the site that new which game they wanted to find more information on, to quickly navigate to that game.

The end result was a slider style menu, with a large single game advertisement for each game at the top. With a more traditional list style menu at the bottom.

I took design elements from the current site in order to make sure that it fitted in with the current site style.

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